Quincy Grand Prix of Karting

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South Park, Quincy, Illinois

2019 Quincy Grand Prix Schedule of events


June 7 2019

8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Test & Tune at TNT Kartways.  If you are registered to race in the Park, the only cost is a $10 insurance pass for anyone in the pit area.  No cost to watch from outside the pit area. 

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Registration and parking staging at the Hy-Vee. Register, pick up your transponder and be directed to your pit area parking space. Great time to drop into the Hy-Vee for all your weekend food & beverage needs.

Under no circumstance should you park your truck/trailer/tow vehicle without the supervision of the Grand Prix team.  Tow vehicles will need to be disconnected and parked on the far west side of the pit area.  Again, the Grand Prix team will direct you. You will have access to the vehicle but we don’t have room to let it stay connected.  Due to the nature of the circuit, competitors will not be allowed to remove trailers until the conclusion of the races on Sunday.

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Parking at the 12th street entrance. Enter the park off of 12th street and wait for a QGP team member to lead you to your parking spot (please see above notes on parking).

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Registration and happy hour at the Quality Inn & Suites, 201 S 3rd St, Quincy, IL 62301.


June 8 2019


7:00 am -8:00 am

Parking of competitors trucks and trailers. All trailers must be in The Park by 8:00 am.

7:45     Mandatory Drivers Meeting

Warm-up Session 1
8:30    All Briggs
8:36    125cc Shifter
8:42    Pickup
8:52    All Yamaha
8:58    All Margay Ignite
9:04    Vintage
9:10     Pickup 

Warm-up Session 2
9:20    All 206 Briggs
9:28    125cc Shifter
9:36    Pickup
9:46    All Yamaha
9:54    All Margay Ignite
10:02  Vintage
10:10   Pickup 

Practice By Class
10:20  Briggs Medium
10:30  Yamaha Medium
10:40  Pickup
10:50  Margay Ignite
11:00   Yamaha Masters
11:10    Pickup
11:20    Briggs Heavy
11:30    Vintage
11:40    Margay Ignite Masters
11:50    Pickup
12:00   Break
12:10    Yamaha Heavy
12:20   Briggs Masters
12:30    125cc Shifter
12:40    Pickup

Qualifying for Sunday Championship Races. All Saturday Sprints will be random draw (pea-pick) grids except 125cc Shifter which will qualify for a Saturday pre-final. The result of Saturday’s 125cc Shifter pre-final will determine the starting grid for Sunday’s 125cc Shifter main event.

1:00   Briggs Medium
1:10    Yamaha Medium
1:20   Pickup
1:30   Margay Ignite
1:40   Yamaha Masters
1:50   Pickup
2:00  Briggs Heavy
2:10   Vintage
2:20 Margay Ignite Masters
2:30 Pickup
2:40  Yamaha Heavy
2:50  Briggs Masters
3:00  125cc Shifter
3:10   Pickup

3:20  Welcome Ceremonies, Prayer, National Anthem

3:30  Saturday Sprint Margay Ignite (8 laps)
3:50  Saturday Sprint Yamaha Heavy (8 laps)
4:10   Saturday Sprint Briggs Heavy (8 laps) 4:30 125cc Shifter Pre-Final (8 laps) 4:50 Awards Presentation-Saturday Sprints

5:00 Quincy Business Challenge practice and final events


June 9 2019


Warm-up By Class
9:00  Briggs Medium
9:07   Yamaha Medium
9:14    Pickup
9:24   Margay Ignite
9:31    Yamaha Masters
9:38   Pickup
9:48   Briggs Heavy     
9:55   Vintage
10:02  Pickup
10:12   Margay Ignite Masters
10:19   Yamaha Heavy
10:26  Pickup
10:36   Briggs Masters
10:43   125cc Shifter
10:50   Pickup

11:30    Welcome Ceremonies, Prayer, National Anthem

Championship Sunday Races-12 laps

(pickup following each race)
12:00    Briggs Medium
12:30    Yamaha Medium
1:00      Margay Ignite
1:30      Yamaha Masters
2:00     Briggs Heavy
2:30     Vintage
3:00     Margay Ignite Masters
3:30     Yamaha Heavy
4:00     Briggs Masters
4:30     125cc Shifter Final
5:00     Presentation Of The Gussie’s, Trophies & Merchandise (in race order)

South Park Legend Scott Pruett accepts congratulations from Jimmy Mann Jr after winning the 1982 PKA 100cc Pro Open event.

South Park Legend Scott Pruett accepts congratulations from Jimmy Mann Jr after winning the 1982 PKA 100cc Pro Open event.

Become legendary, race at South Park!

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